At the beginning, we developed a fiberglass manufacturing process to make utility trailers that would custom match any vehicular model down to the most exacting design detail.  We called them Roadster Valets™.  When we introduced our products at that year’s SEMA Show Las Vegas, the largest automotive accessories tradeshow in the country, we earned a prestigious award, out of 25,000+ products on display, being selected as:

“One of the TOP 10 Best Interior and Exterior Automotive Products of 2004”

Now we’re moving up to where the action is – to the automotive roof rack using ABS composite – to compete against Thule & Yakima.  Whereas, these market leaders manufacture empty shell cargo carriers that have no purpose away from the large vehicles they principally target, we are taking a different tack.  We’re focusing on small eco-smart cars with a product line of innovative patent-pending carriers that can snap in & out of any roof rack and will provide storage functionality away from the vehicle.  One example is depicted in the illustrations below – suitcases that go from clothes closet to roof rack to being checked on a plane. 

Our USPTO non-provisional application for patent, subject to our first-to-file 08/01/06 provisional patent, is pending. Entilted "A Vehicular Roof Rack Carrier System Incorporating a Rotary Latch," our abstract is stated as follows:

This vehicular roof rack cargo carrier system includes rotary latch housing units that can be affixed to roof rack crossbars (also referred to as load bars) plus cargo carrier vessels that have exterior-positioned built-in retention rods. The rotary latch – retention rod system enables carriers to be securely attached to and easily disengaged from roof racks when the carriers themselves are filled with content.  The carriers then become portable enabling designs with features such as wheels and handles.  Taken altogether, the system enables the creation of content-filled cargo carriers that have product functionality and consumer purpose away from point of vehicle. Applications include, but are not limited to, Luggage Carriers™, Home & Garage Storage Carriers™, Camping & Picnicking Carriers™, Ice Cooler Carriers™, Document Carriers™, Tradesman Contractor Carriers™ and other purposeful carriers that serve distinct off-vehicle storage needs that can easily “snap-in & snap-out” of vehicular roof racks for transport.

Remember “Think Small”.  Well, it’s back.  Because when it comes to cars, small is beautiful.  Small eats less gas.  And small is cooler to the globe.  However, the new breed of eco-smart small cars has everything drivers want except one thing – adequate storage space.  We aim to change that so more folks, particularly families, can consider their purchase. In other words, we aim to give small cars a Second Trunk.  Are you interested?

We are. Second Trunks is interested to discuss business opportunities with major manufacturers, retailers and corporations regarding the licensing and/or acquisition of its intellectual property or the joint venture production of its new product line.  Category exclusivity is available as is the potential for joint development deals with automotive OEMs.

For more information contact CEO Tom Barquinero at 541-280-5501,  or Second Trunks, Inc.,
61149 South Hwy 97, #131, Bend, OR 97702.